Coming Together


Seven years ago, Pharaoh Khemet III, the Ruby Prince, formally opened Osirion's ancient tombs and burial sites to foreign explorers. Khemet III understood that adventurers who've traveled great distances in search of treasure typically do not return from whence they came to sell their discoveries. Instead, they typically sell or trade what they do not keep as quickly as possible at the closest civilized community with an economy strong enough to absorb an influx of valuable antiquities. The Ruby Prince's policy has attracted not only explorers to the desert nation of Osirion, but also countless scholars, private collectors, special interest groups such as the Pathfinder Society, and financial interests from all across the Inner Sea. A minor industry has sprung up just to support visiting explorers, and an even larger infrastructure has come into being to serve foreign investors and traders. Every opening of a major site has heralded an economic boom for the local area and for Osirion as a whole.

The competition in Wati is fierce, and dozens of other adventuring groups have made their journeys to the Half-Dead city to try their luck and skill in the necropolis, as have scores of merchants and others looking to capitalize on the influx of people. Each of the other adventuring groups have flavorful names to help them stand out among the competition. Your group, the Wandering Sojourners have joined them.

Mummy's Mask (A Pathfinder Adventure Path)

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